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  REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS                        

From reviews of Dr. Mundt's live seminars and inservices:

"I have attended four other combat veteran conferences and this was the
best by far, for content and presenter." (Indianapolis, IN)

"A presentation that I will not ever forget - EVER!" (Cary, NC)

"Superb speaker, kept us involved and interested, shared appropriate
examples of situations with clients;  his knowledge of the subject was
dazzling." (Sacramento, CA)

"A passionate presenter, willing to share resources and encourages others
to share his passion, uses practical real-world situations to make his points." 
(Portland, OR)

"This is the best, most comprehensive training on veterans and PTSD I have
attended;  finally a training worth the time and money!"  (Bellevue, WA)

"As a retired Marine, I find John Mundt is spot-on every aspect of PTSD and
military life.  All I can say is wow!"  (Oakbrook, IL)

"I feel no one should be involved with veterans or treat their PTSD unless
they have had this workshop." (Phoenix, AZ)

"Excellent speaker, knows his topic well... obviously passionate about his work."  (Bloomington, MN)

"[I've been] in practice for almost 30 years and have attended numerous workshops;  this has been one of the top five."  (Bloomington, MN)

"He kept my attention all day."  (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

"I am a Speech Pathologist and the mother of a combat veteran currently serving in Afghanistan.  This was invaluable information for me as a clinician and as a parent."  Beth Hudson, Speech Pathologist (Internet Webinar)

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From Mary Patrick, CLE Director, Alaska Bar Association:
"Dr. Mundt presented at our annual convention in May of 2012. His presentation entitled "Our Wounded Warriors: Understanding PTSD and How it Fits (or Not) into Your Case" was highly regarded by our attendees, which was comprised of attorneys and judges. Comments on the evaluation forms included:

-This is the best, most important CLE program I have attended in years. Every lawyer and every citizen should be able to attend this program!

-I have a new understanding of PTSD & how to approach this disorder in my clients and opposing parties.

-Bring this speaker back to do more programs! THIS WAS AN OUTSTANDING PROGRAM! THANK YOU!

With that last comment in mind, we are now bringing Dr. Mundt back to Alaska in October. His presentation shows the knowledge and passion that he has on this topic, which makes the attendees eager for more.

I highly recommend Dr. Mundt. -Mary Patrick, CLE Director, Alaska Bar Association”July 24, 2012

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From Carmen Rodriguez, Senior Training Specialist, Cook County Adult Probation Department:
"It is my pleasure to recommend John Mundt to be hired as a speaker for any agency. His training on the topic of “Supervising Veterans on Probation” was extremely informational and provided probation officers the knowledge/skills needed to better supervise veterans on probation.  In addition, Dr. Mundt was able to customize this specialized training to meet the needs of our department and staff. Dr. Mundt received very good evaluations on his presentation from staff. Based on those evaluations, we would not hesitate to contract additional services with Dr. Mundt.” - Carmen Rodriguez, Senior Training Specialist, Cook County Adult Probation, August 30, 2012

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From filmmaker Rachell Shapiro's blog "In Their Boots"
( ):  

"...I attended a seminar on PTSD and returning combat veterans put on by the Mental Health Association. It was an all day seminar given by Dr. John Mundt, a psychologist at the Chicago VA. The audience was made up of mental health practitioners and social workers who wanted to get a better understanding of what veterans were facing and dealing with when coming home, and in turn, how they as mental health practitioners could be better prepared to help.
I wasn’t sure what to expect being that I was probably the only one in the room that was not a clinician, therapist or social worker. Would the things Dr. Mundt spoke about go over my head, would I be able to follow along, or would there a lot of clinical terminology that I wouldn’t understand? Would what he says resonate with me as a concerned citizen/filmmaker just as much as it would with the other people in the audience?
What I found was more than what I had expected. Dr. Mundt was passionate, energetic (which he would need to be to give a 7hr lecture) informative, and most importantly displayed a true sense of concern and urgency in regards to caring for our veterans."

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