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Useful Resources & Links for Veterans (& those supporting them)

GOVERNMENT LINKS                                          Veterans Administration's main website                                  National Center for PTSD  (many good resources for clinicians, veterans and families)                            Real Warriors Campaign, created by the Defense Centers of Excellence                                     Defense Centers of Excellence website                                     TRICARE main website    Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress                                     Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center,created by the Defense Centers of Excellence

GENERALLY USEFUL WEBSITES for VETERANS, MILITARY, their FAMILIES, and their CLINICIANS                   Coming Home Project  (retreats for vets, families and providers)              Wounded Warrior Project                     Military OneSource                                         Managed Health Networks Government Services                                                 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American                                   Give an Hour                          After Deployment   ("wellness resources for the military community")                                            Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society                                           Equine-Assisted Growth & Learning Association (equine-assisted psychotherapy)                                       Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists  (SOFAR)                                       Killology Research Group (website of Lt. Col. D. Grossman, author of "On Killing")                               Soldier's Heart  (website of Edward Tick, author of "War & The Soul")                      The Soldiers Project

REGIONAL ORGANIZATIONS  (see here for local support, and for  some great ideas & creative solutions!)                 Veterans Heart Georgia  (Georgia)                          Care For The Troops (Georgia)                             Headway of Western New York  (New York)   (TBI resource)                                         Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center  (Pennsylvania)                        Returning Veterans Project  (Oregon/Washington)

                                                                       RECOMMENDED READING LIST

Books for clinicians working with warzone trauma (and for veterans and their families)
Cantrell, Bridget C. & Chuck Dean   Down Range to Iraq and Back    (2005)
Cantrell, Bridget C. & Chuck Dean   Once a Warrior:  Wired for Life   (2007)
Grossman, Lt. Col. Dave    On Killing (The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society)   (1995)
Grossman, Lt. Col. Dave, with Loren W. Christensen   On Combat (The Psychology & Physiology
                  of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace)  (2004)
Herman, Judith     Trauma and Recovery  (1992)
Hoge, Charles W.  Once A Warrior Always A Warrior  (2010)
Lagouranis, Tony & Allen Mikaelian   Fear Up Harsh:  An Army Interrogator's Dark Journey Through Iraq  (2007)
Nakashima Brock, Rita & Gabriella Lettini Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War (2012)
O'Brien, Tim  The Things They Carried (1990)
Sager, Mike    Wounded Warriors:  Those For Whom the War Never Ends  (2008)
Shay, Jonathan  Achilles in Vietnam   (1994)
Shay, Jonathan  Odysseus in America (2002)
Squier Kraft, Heidi   Rule Number Two:  Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital  (2007)
Tick, Edward    War and the Soul  (2005)

Other books that mental health clinicians may find interesting & useful:

Epstein, Mark   Thoughts Without A Thinker   (1995)
Shenk, Joshua Wolf    Lincoln's Melancholy  (2005)
Strong, Marilee   A Bright Red Scream  (1998)
Wicks, Robert J.    Riding The Dragon (10 Lessons for Inner Strength in Challenging Times)    (2003)
Willer, Jan   The Beginning Psychotherapist's Companion   (2009)

In his capacity as a professional speaker/trainer, Dr. Mundt is not representing the Veterans Administration, and speaking engagements and training events occur separately from his role as a psychologist working for the VA.    In his seminars, and on this website, all views and opinions expressed  are his own.  The listing of a website or link here does not represent an endorsement of the organization by Dr. Mundt unless specifically stated, and you are encouraged to make your own inquiries.

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