John E. Mundt, Ph.D    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Contact Information & Upcoming Events

To contact Dr. Mundt to schedule a seminar or in-service for your group or agency, or to ask any questions regarding the content or structure of training/in-services provided, or to learn about upcoming events that are open to the public,  please send an email to:

or call Dr. Mundt directly at:  (312) 608-0668.

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Dr. Mundt also occasionally presents seminars and Internet webinars through CMI Premier Education Solutions, now a partner of PESI and of MEDS-PDN, all national providers of quality continuing education and training programs for a multitude of professionals.
*CD's and DVD's of Dr. Mundt's presentations are available thru PESI as well.

For information about these events and products, please visit and enter "Mundt" in the search engine for details, including any pending training events near you.


In his capacity as a professional speaker/trainer, Dr. Mundt is not representing the Veterans Administration, and speaking engagements and training events occur separately from his role as a psychologist working for the VA.    In his seminars, and on this website, all views and opinions expressed  are his own.

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